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Five Mistakes Dog Owners Should Avoid - Part Five

In this five part series, I am discussing some well-intentioned but serious mistakes dog owners commonly make that actually cause behavior problems in their pets. I'm also suggesting some tips that will improve your dog's confidence, obedience and overall wellbeing.

I've previously covered:
Mistake #1: Repeating Obedience Cues
Mistake #2: Physically Punishing a Fearful Dog
Mistake #3: Comforting a Fearful Dog
Mistake #4: Rubbing a Dog's Nose in "It"

This article covers:

Mistake #5: Inconsistency in Dealing with Problem Behaviors

Fight-Play, Bite Inhibition and Proper Socialization

I had the opportunity to observe a puppy play session following a dog training course yesterday in Denver, Colorado, and noticed something I thought worthy of mention.

Two of the puppies, a 4-month-old Cockapoo and a very young German Shepherd, were roughhousing, and the Cockapoo let out a yelp.