Why Does My Dog Chew, Jump, Bite, Bark and Whine?

As is my custom, when I find myself teaching clients a particular lesson over and over, I immortalize the lesson in writing. So, here goes ...

Pretty much every dog I train has some sort of behavior "problem." I enclose "problem" in quotation marks because that is what humans call it ... but that's rarely what it actually is. More accurately, the "problem" is just a simple dog behavior, such as chewing, barking, jumping up on people, nipping, whining, etc. Those are "problems" for us, but they are just ... what dogs do.

How to Teach Your Excited Dog to Calm Down

Does your dog constantly jump on you? Is he rambunctious in the house? Does he plow over the kids? Does he stubbornly mouth you when he wants you to play with him? Does it seem he can scarcely contain himself? Below are a few guidelines on teaching your overly-excited dog to calm down.

Five Mistakes Dog Owners Should Avoid - Part Five

In this five part series, I am discussing some well-intentioned but serious mistakes dog owners commonly make that actually cause behavior problems in their pets. I'm also suggesting some tips that will improve your dog's confidence, obedience and overall wellbeing.

I've previously covered:
Mistake #1: Repeating Obedience Cues
Mistake #2: Physically Punishing a Fearful Dog
Mistake #3: Comforting a Fearful Dog
Mistake #4: Rubbing a Dog's Nose in "It"

This article covers:

Mistake #5: Inconsistency in Dealing with Problem Behaviors