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Understanding Your Dog's Fears and Phobias - Part 1

In this four-part series, we will examine the nature of fearfulness and discuss appropriate ways to manage fearful dogs and help them cope with their phobias. To start the series, let's look at why dogs may become fearful.

  • Genetics and Poor Breeding
  • Abusive Treatment or Trauma
  • Improper Socialization
  • Human-Reinforced Fears
  • Medical Issues

Read full article by Thomas Aaron in Unleash Magazine.

The Best Way to Kill a Dog

This, and a number of other articles on this website dealing with "leadership" are a bit old-school. Science has proven some of these concepts incorrect. The information is left on this site for informational purposes and is slated to be re-written at some point in the future.

When someone has a very problematic dog, I (the dog trainer) am usually the last person to know. But when I finally do hear about it, I encounter a lot of human frustration: someone at their wits' end because their dog has destroyed an expensive sofa, shredded a mattress, or uninstalled some linoleum; or someone who is feeling angry and betrayed because their dog bit them or a family member.

Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars

Spring is almost over in Colorado, and summer is just around the corner. As temperatures rise, it is more important than ever to think of your dog's safety when considering leaving him alone in your car.