Free In-Home Consultation

If your dog is having serious behavior issues, the last thing you need is someone's best guess at a solution. We've been providing the best dog training in Denver, CO, for a long time, and we've seen and treated a lot of difficult issues.

When you call us, we ask the right questions and apply our comprehensive dog training knowledge and experience to figure out how to provide you with a quality solution. But sometimes, your solution is too complex for us to develop a good training plan without seeing your dog in action.

If this becomes the case, FetchMasters will meet with you in your home, observe your dog and gather the information necessary to develop the most effective Behavior Modification Plan.

We then will present you with your options so that you can make an informed decision about how best to proceed with your dog's treatment.

No catches. No tricks. Just first-class customer service.

*This service applies to customers within our training area.