Behavior Modification

FetchMasters hires and trains some of the best dog trainers in Denver, and we are able to handle all of your behavior modification needs. In addition to helping your dog develop a solid, reliable obedience foundation, our Denver dog trainers can efficiently guide you through solving your dog's behavior problems.

Here are some of the problems we
can help you with.

Puppy Behavior Problems, such as:

  • house training
  • mouthing, nipping and biting
  • jumping up on people
  • chasing the cat
  • chewing and other destructive behaviors
  • digging holes in the yard

Common Dog Behavior Problems, such as:

  • jumping on people and furniture
  • fearful behavior towards strangers
  • begging for food
  • unruly behavior in the home
  • demanding barking
  • window barking
  • coprophagia (eating stool)
  • bolting through open doors
  • fearfulness of the environment
  • fear of guns, fireworks and thunder
  • not coming when called

Severe Dog Behavior Problems, such as:

  • separation anxiety
  • leash aggression
  • dog on dog aggression in the home (canine rivalry)
  • fear of guns, fireworks or thunder

How We Solve Your Dog's Behavior Problems

Our dog trainers in Denver use positive reinforcement training techniques to solve your dog's behavior problems. Our training strategy typically involves:

  • increasing the reliability of your dog's obedience
  • building your dog's confidence
  • preventing unwanted behaviors and replacing them with acceptable alternate behaviors
  • fostering an appropriate relationship between you and your dog

Contact us today to discuss your dog's behavior problems. We will help you understand the reasons for your dog's behavior, and give you an idea of how our dog trainers in Denver can help you.

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