Lectures and Workshops

Your Dog Training Goals and Behavior Problems

Perhaps you have a specific dog training goal that requires a deeper understanding. Or perhaps you are dealing with a behavior issue that has become dire. Either way, you want to get your mind around the issue quickly and thoroughly, and our Denver dog training workshops and lectures can be a vital part of your success.

Our Dog Training Workshops and Lectures

Our workshops and lectures are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of various dog training subjects in a way that will inspire, educate and empower you. They also serve as a perfect augmentation to any other dog training you are receiving in Denver – sometimes looking at things in a fresh way can provide the information you need, allowing you and your dog to make large leaps in progress.

If you would like to see dog training workshops on a topic that we currently do not offer, please let us know. If there is customer demand, we will develop it and add it to our list.

Workshops we have held in the past include:

• House Training for Pet Dogs

• Separation Anxiety Solutions

• Dog-on-dog aggression in the home (Pet Rivalry)

• Inappropriate Jumping

• Begging at the Table

• Wild Behavior inside the Home

• Disregarding Commands

How to Sign Up

To learn more about these workshops, either click on the link below or follow the drop-down menus for Training -> Lectures/Workshops.

How to Be an Effective Owner for a Difficult Dog

Once you finish paying for a workshop, you will be redirected to a page that provides specific information about getting to, and preparing for, the workshops.

Currently Offered Workshops

How to Be an Effective Owner for a Difficult Dog