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Whether you need help solving your dog's difficult behavior problems or need him to be off-leash reliable for hiking in Denver's mountains or Colorado’s beautiful open spaces, FetchMasters can help you. Some of the obedience training goals and behavior modification skills we have are listed below.

We provide the best dog training in Denver through either our board and train programs or our in home dog training services. We will help you figure out the most effective, economic path to meet your dog training goals.

We offer in home training in the Denver metro area where we send one of our qualified trainers to help you and your pet in the familiarity of your own home.

We also offer many board and train options. If regular in home training doesn’t work with your busy schedule, we can host your pet at our Denver based, professional working dog boarding facility. When you pick him up, you will be greeted by a disciplined outdoor companion.

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Below is a brief list of training goals and behavior problems we can help you with:

Obedience-Based Behaviors

• Level One through Level Three Obedience – In these programs we teach your dog the basic obedience skills: sit, down, stay, come, leave-it and leash walking. We then progressively build those skills so that they work in high-distraction environments.

• Not Coming when Called – There are several reasons the command “come” becomes optional to dogs. Our Denver dog trainers will show you why your dog doesn't listen, as well as the remedy.

Behavior Problems

• House Training – Does your new puppy; newly adopted dog; or previously house-trained dog eliminate in the home? We can show you how to make him want to go outside to do his business.

• Mouthing, Nipping, Biting – There are numerous reasons your dog feels the need to put its mouth on things. We'll figure out why your dog is doing it and show you how to eliminate the behavior.

• Jumping up on People or Furniture – These are not so much “bad behaviors” as they are dog behaviors; they are how dogs get what they want. We can show your dog that this is not the best way to achieve its goals.

• Chasing Cats – Oh, come on! He's just having a little fun! But there is a time and place for fun, and cat-chasing can lead to a severe degradation of your cat's quality of life. Our dog trainers in Denver can help you set some appropriate boundaries.

• Begging for Food – The truth is, your dog is just telling you what it wants within the boundaries it has learned – for whatever reasons – are acceptable. We can help you set the correct boundaries.

• Bolting Through Open Doors – By nature, most dogs show very little impulse control. And bolting through open doors gets them where they want to be in the quickest amount of time. But what if an open door meant “don't go through that without permission?” We can show you how to teach your dog this lesson.

• Window Barking – Does your dog bark at every human, car or squirrel that passes by the window? Boundaries have a tendency to produce frustration in many dogs. Let us show you how to resolve this annoying issue.

• Digging Holes in the Yard – Dogs actually dig holes for multiple reasons. Understanding the reason yields the clue necessary for fixing the issue. We can help you get to the bottom of it.

• Fearfulness Towards Dogs, People and the Environment – For whatever reason (lack of socialization? A bad experience?) your dog has become fearful of certain things. If his mind can be changed once about these things, it can be changed twice. We can help.

• Coprophagia (Stool Eating) – Okay, to us this sounds appalling. But it obviously is delightful for your dog. There are a lot of reasons your dog might eat its own stool, and we will help you get past this issue so that your dog will be able to lick you on the face again. :)

• Fear of Loud Noises – Like people, dogs typically fear things they don't understand. This comes into play frequently with loud noises. Due to our hunting dog training program, we have become experts in dealing with such issues, and we can help you.

• Separation Anxiety – Does your dog have a seemingly irrational fear about being left home without you? This can be a tough one, and many trainers are not equipped to handle it. But FetchMasters certainly is.

• Leash Reactivity – Does your dog react either violently or over-enthusiastically towards people or other dogs when it is on leash? Our dog trainers have mastered this one and will be happy to show you how to fix it.

• Canine Rivalry – Does your dog get in fights with its fellow canine roommates? You should be careful with this one, as handling it incorrectly can make the problem worse. This is a particular specialty of FetchMasters trainers.

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