Our Staff

ThomasAaron, CPDT-KA, ABCDT
- and -
Linda Aaron, CPDT-KA

Thomas and Linda Aaron are the owners of FetchMasters. Tom is an APDT Full Member and an Animal Behavior College certified dog trainer, and Linda instructed canine and equine massage therapy for the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage before leaving that job to continue supporting the growth and success of FetchMasters. They both specialize in working-dog level obedience and off-leash reliability in high distraction environments.

Tom grew up in West Virginia and was introduced to the dog world by his father who raised and trained hunting hounds. He spent his early years hunting for small game in the mountains of West Virginia with a dog known as a “bench-legged feist.” Linda grew up in New Mexico, competing in junior rodeos and spending countless hours in the barn and pasture with her horse and faithful dog who watched over their family's livestock.
After finding a Labrador Retriever puppy in the high desert near Alamosa, Colorado, Tom and Linda embarked on a journey to train her for bird hunting using positive reinforcement rather than the harsh methods used by most trainers in that niche. This decision led to their researching the capabilities of positive training methods in high distraction environments on thousands of pet dogs and hunting dogs in Colorado, which quickly built their reputations as the go-to trainers for off-leash reliability in and around Denver.

Their knowledge has culminated in the formation of the region's only Positive Gun Dog Training Program, the nationally known Positive Gun Dog Association, and being featured on the blog of Victoria Stillwell (host of Animal Planets “It’s Me or the Dog”). When not training dogs, Tom and Linda travel nationwide giving workshops designed to teach hunting dog owners and other dog industry professionals how to train hunting dogs without the use of shock collars, choke chains or other aversive techniques or devices.

They also feel that providing superior customer service is of the utmost importance, and they are committed to being the best at it – in an industry that specializes in being gentle with dogs but often is harsh and opinionated with clients.

Jonteray, CPDT-KA

Jonteray is proud to be a member of the FetchMasters team. She has always loved animals, but became passionate about helping dogs over ten years ago while volunteering (and eventually working) at a local no-kill shelter. She has since spent years studying canine behavior and positive training methods and is always seeking to learn more. She has been a dog trainer for several years now and loves her work immensely.
Jonteray loves helping dogs become stable, happy family members. She considers dog training to be largely about building an appropriate relationship between dog and human, where both sides understand each other, trust each other and enjoy life together. As a trainer, Jonteray strives to educate people on how to meet their dogs' needs, teach dogs what is expected and motivate them to achieve such expectations. She teaches that the keys to a successful canine/human bond are knowledge, patience, consistency, and calm confidence (and she is convinced a good sense of humor doesn't hurt).
At home, Jonteray has two rescued mutts: Dolce and Jazz. The two provide her with endless love, snuggles, laughter, and inspiration. Dolce in particular, who has struggled with lots of anxiety and fear issues, has inspired Jonteray’s passion for helping fearful dogs, as well as working with puppies to ensure proper socialization.
Outside of training and spending time with her own pups, Jonteray is also involved in animal rescue, canine nutrition, painting (including custom dog portraits), rock-climbing, hiking, learning about other animals, and working with children.