Training your dog is serious business. In fact, good dog training can make the difference between a pet who is a pleasure to live with and one who makes your life stressful. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or an experienced one, our dog trainers in Denver can help you navigate the tricky pitfalls of pet ownership and teach you to develop an appropriate, life-long bond with your dog.

It takes more than just a love of dogs to create Denver's best dog trainers. Since its founding in 2009, FetchMasters has become one of the premiere dog training companies in Denver and the greater metro area by finding and nurturing the best dog trainers Denver has to offer. Each of our trainers possess three key ingredients: 1) The must love both dogs and their owners; 2) they must be educated in the latest scientific research on dog training and behavior modification; and 3) they must demonstrate an unwavering devotion to providing amazing customer service.

We are so confident that you will be pleased with our dog trainers that we guarantee your satisfaction with them. And we back our dedication to your success by providing you with support for the lifetime of your dog after your in home training has been completed.

In addition to offering solutions to all common dog and puppy behavioral problems, we have developed specialties that set us apart from our competition. For example, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to produce off-leash reliability without harsh techniques or painful training tools, such as ear pinches, choke chains, or shock collars. We also are experts in dealing with separation anxiety and leash aggression.

Our in home dog training relies entirely on positive reinforcement training methods, which are humane, deepen the bond of trust between you and your dog, and produce fast and enduring results. This, combined with our uncompromising dedication to providing excellent customer service, will make you glad you chose FetchMasters for your in home dog training needs.

If you are unable to maintain the level of regular involvement that in home training requires, we also offer a board-and-train option in Denver. At our 2600 square foot facility in Stapleton, Colorado, our trainers will meet with your dog daily while we host and care for your pet.

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