May 2011

Vacationing Without Your Dog

With kids finishing school and Memorial Day around the corner, many Americans are looking forward to summer vacation and a little traveling. They also are wondering how best to provide for their dogs while they are gone. Many of us would love to take our dogs along. But when traveling extensively, particularly if it involves air travel, bringing Rover may not be feasible or desirable.

My Dog's Favorite Rainy Day Activity

If you live in Denver (or any of a number of other rain-soaked cities), you’ve probably been staying indoors where it is dry and warm for a few days now. And if your dog is like mine, she is developing a serious case of cabin fever - a recipe for disaster with high-energy dogs. My Lab has been eyeballing my shoe and licking her lips, and she keeps dropping her Kong toy in my lap, desperate for a game of fetch. So, what are we to do?

The Best Reward to Use in Positive Reinforcement Training

What does Sydnie want?What does Sydnie want?

One concern dog owners commonly express about positive reinforcement training is that their dogs will only obey for food treats. Truth is, the concern is valid (and a possibility) if food is the primary reward for obedience and positive reinforcement training doesn't progress towards its proper end - weaning the dog from food rewards.

Leadership in Dog Language

This, and a number of other articles on this website dealing with "leadership" are a bit old-school. Science has proven some of these concepts incorrect. The information is left on this site for informational purposes and is slated to be re-written at some point in the future.

There are a large number of behavior issues that result directly from your dog not respecting you as his leader. Territorial marking in the home, growling or snapping at you and jumping on beds and furniture without your permission are just a few examples. Many behavior issues related to leadership perception will go away on their own when you communicate to your dog that you are the leader and he is the subordinate. This communication must take place in a language the dog can understand.

House Training and Territorial Marking

Eliminating indoors and territorial marking in the home are two of the most common reasons dogs end up being relinquished to shelters. This article provides some simple steps for dealing with both of these behavior issues.