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Dog Obedience Training

Our clients want solid, responsive obedience from their dogs both indoors and outdoors. Our expertise in positive hunting dog training lends itself to our ability to produce off-leash reliability using dog-friendly, positive reinforcement training methods. We work with all ages from puppies to older dogs. If you want a dog with whom you can hike, camp or explore Denver's open spaces, our unique and proven system of training off-leash reliability is the answer.

Behavior Modification

Our dog trainers are prepared to solve your dog and puppy behavior problems – from minor nuisance issues to severe behavior disorders, such as separation anxiety and leash aggression. We stay current with the latest scientific research on dog behavior and bring our expertise to Denver and the greater metro area. Our gentle blend of management strategies and behavior modification training produces effective, lasting results.

Qualified Trainers

Not anyone can be a FetchMasters trainer. We carefully screen, hire and educate trainers who possess a love for puppies, dogs, and their owners. At FetchMasters, both managers and trainers are committed to helping you in a respectful, non-condescending way. Our style is professional and friendly. We do not believe it is consistent to treat dogs gently and their owners harshly. Don't be surprised when you and your dog trainer become friends.

Foundational Obedience Group Class
Start Any Time!
When it comes to developing off-leash reliability, FetchMasters is at the top of the heap. And now we are moving that knowledge-base to a group class setting!Class covers a different topic every week, and you can start any time!



Our Board and Train Clinics
At our Stapleton area board and train facility, our expert, positive reinforcement dog trainers get results fast!
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Our Lectures and Workshops
We regularly hold comprehensive dog training workshops and lectures at our Stapleton facility to help you get your mind around solving your dog training issues quickly and efficiently.
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Our Positive Gun Dog Program
We are national leaders in state-of-the-art, positive reinforcement hunting dog training. No e-collars, no-choke chains.

Denver's Finest In-Home Dog Training

FetchMasters is the premier in – home dog and puppy training service for Denver, CO and the greater metro area. We understand the mechanics behind developing solid obedience and a deep bond between humans and dogs. We integrate this knowledge into all of our obedience, behavior modification and socialization programs.

We will teach you to apply scientifically sound, positive dog training methods; appropriate management; and consistent, benevolent leadership. By doing so, your puppy will thrive, and you will experience the meaning of "man's best friend."

We begin by training you and your dog in the privacy and comfort of your own home. This provides a less distracting, more personalized environment than is possible in a group setting, allowing you and your puppy to more quickly grasp the concepts being taught. Once both of you understand the fundamentals, we will begin introducing distractions and variables that will solidify your dog's training and sharpen your handling skills.

As you and your puppy journey through any of our programs, you will be pleased by the rewarding relationship that develops between the two of you. And that is what inspires us.

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